Dr. Angela Lucterhand (@drangelalucterhand)

2 weeks ago

Boredom is my compass. I wrote this down so many months ago when I was pondering the idea of helping people know what they want. Truly. People will say things like “I just want to be happy.” But when you ask them what lights them on fire or what their ideal job is, or what they enjoy doing more than anything else....they stare. Not because they don’t want to be able to answer but because we’re so drowned with responsibility and to-do lists that they never have a chance to feel bored! • Why boredom? Bc boredom is the space where you start saying “ok, there’s nothing mindless to do and I don’t have anywhere to be at the moment, what do I wanna do?” Your mind doesn’t enjoy being bored for too long. So, you’ll decide to do something. Not because you have to but because you want to. That choice, the choice during boredom, is such a huge piece of knowledge for you. It tells you what you like! Did you decide to read up on a topic, go create art, cook or bake a new recipe? • When I was on my RV trip last month, I didn’t have much WiFi. I was so grateful for the moments of mental boredom and I dare you to keep your nights free for the next couple of weeks. No phone. No to-do lists. See what happens. What do you feel pulled to? The answer won’t happen in the first couple days...so be patient. • #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo #boredom #travel #workout #art #painting #writing #music #coloring #creating #inspiring #reading #rvlife #rvliving #modernfarmhouse