Ooh Darling (@oohdarlingart)

1 weeks ago

Good evening. My name is Rose. Some know me by the nick name Valeria, I’m the artist behind Ooh Darling Art. I create visual art. Drawing and painting has been my main focus the past years. To me it’s the same subjects that inspired me , nature and nature in humans, that wild feminine, it just shows itself in different forms and I try my best to welcome it no matter what medium it takes, wether it’s music, textile, movement or caring for animals. I committed my journey in historical costume a year or two ago, but the choice to only wear dresses started at age 16. When I made the leap to start sewing my own wardrobe I hade very little basic knowledge about sewing and textile. With the help of the youtubes, this community ( @morgandonner @hattohem @bernadettebanner @cathy .hay @foundationsrevealed and so many more ) and some one on one help from @lauren_stowell and @abbyelyn I have the last year made the journey into different undergarments and some basic skirts. I am very inspired by the painter Monet, Waterhouse and Bouguereau (to name a few ). I don’t se any reason why I can not be a painter , dressed like the paintings while painting! Can you? This is the first time I am taking part in the community, usely I stand on the sides lines and enjoy the beautiful parade but today I’m jumping in with this little ensemble with my cute baby bunbuns. We had a lovely #cocovidteaparty in the garden yesterday evening, and it is also our contribution to the #virtualredcarpet . I hope to share this journey with you all as I am building my skills, in art and wardrobe. Thank you to @costuming_drama and everyone participating and making cocovid what it is. And to @dixiediy , @clusterfrock and @scrapsandsequins for the events. I am looking forward to connecting with you all. Happy #cocovid everyone. . #teaparty #marieantoinette #romantic #historicalcostuming #historicalcostume #historybounding #bunnie #bunny #teatime #norway #norse #gibsongirlhair #updo #artist #girl #stays #undergarments #rose #photography #cottagecore