Digital Human (@digitalhumanagency)

2 weeks ago

THOUGHTS ON THE AD BOYCOTT: IT'S TOO EASY TO BLAME FACEBOOK It’s too easy to blame Facebook for society’s hate speech problem, which is what brands like The #northFace , #benandjerrys , #Patagonia , #cocacola , #Starbucks and Unilever are doing. #Unilever has also taken action in removing the word 'Fair' from the Fair & Lovely skin lightening creams it sells in South Asia. But the fact these products exist brings corporations like #Unilever into question – along with the stereotypes of Aunt Jemima (Quaker ) and Uncle Ben's (Mars ), which have only been addressed in light of #BLM . The knee-jerk responses we're seeing are virtue signalling. While Facebook could be tougher, its AI tools are better than most, removing 88% of hate speech from the site in spring alone. This isn't the time for brands to be going against Facebook, which generates most of its revenue from small businesses, given the role platforms like Instagram have played in amplifying civil action for good and brand support around #BLM . I'd like to see more brands consciously working with tech while setting an example in their marketing. Facebook – while soft on Trump – shouldn't be blamed for everything wrong with society. Are brands fighting the wrong enemy? #Facebook #AdBoycott #StopHateForProfit