Daniel Deals 🔥 (@ikillu4coupons)

2 weeks ago

Ding Dong!........... Your free caffeine has arrived! A little mid day pick me up! Thanks to the killer Uber Eats deal going on I was able to score some free Starbucks delivered for lunch! What restaurant did you guys order from? Comment below and let me know what you scored! In case you missed my post this morning scroll back to get up to $62 worth of free Starbucks Delivered (Or from any other restaurant of your choice! ) P.S. If you are a science nerd like me my shirt is the chemical structure of caffeine. Because trust me you do not want to see me trying to function without it! I am surely addicted 😅 #Addicted #Starbucks #starbuckscoffee #UberEats #Uber #StarbucksAddict #StarbucksLover