Fuzzy Fawn Wildlife🦌 (@fuzzyfawnwildlife)

3 weeks ago

I’m going to bombard you today with updates! First is Thrasher who was caught in the fencing slats, if you remember he wore away his hooves, thrashing about trying to get out. They were bloody and raw, one was actually broken off... I sedated him last night to check bandages, everything looks great and his infection is gone. Now it’s a matter of letting the bad hoof air out and harden. It’s already started to harden on the side and middle 👍🏻... Thrasher being an older fawn is difficult to handle, I can’t pick him up any time I want to check on him. After letting the hooves air out and dry last night I covered all of them with BluKote which is a fast drying antiseptic wound dressing, it penetrates the wound and dries quickly with a barrier. I’ll watch him for a few days in the stall and if all looks good I’ll reapply the BluKote and put him in the outside pen... YAY Thrasher, btw the name Thrasher still fits him perfectly 🤪💪🏻 Next post will be Rocky!!!! 🥰 You can find all the fawns stories throughout my account #ouch #bestnonpayingjobever