Lightfeather_On3 (@mrs_laceysss)

2 weeks ago

Let's address two things today #ourlips . If you smoke , not only does #lipchap #lipbalm #lipstick & #lipgloss act as a #skinprotectant but it helps prevent #wrinkles around the lips . #stoners , please use this because cottonmouth & dry lips are a sign you need more #water & to keep your skin #moisturized . #Next , #Reading stimulates brain and expansion of thinking & feeling plus gives you a glimpse into world's you may not know even exist . Books are like written #videogames but instead of giving anxiety , they give you a calm adrenaline rush , and I mean even ones you'd think are boring because you get to basically do what Mark Z does and peak into minds , imaginations or lives of ppl you'll never meet but without disrespecting their rights or privacy . They literally wrote them just for you ✈️