Buck Up Butt3rcup (@buck.up.butt3rcup)

4 days ago

It's been a tough year for us all and I guess it's time I shared my sorrows, not only with you, but with myself. I have been grieving a lost friendship, one which seemed to have ripped open the little part of my soul I thought would stay whole forever. It's been tough. But then. Yesterday, after months of that grief and loneliness hanging so heavy over my head, I opened my eyes and saw what I'd been missing all this time. I didn't lose my best friend at all, I just gave the title to someone who wasn't interested in it. My heart is full and so happy to know what I know now. Shortly afterwards I ended up at home face down in the dirtπŸ˜‚ due to some unfortunate circumstances my face is now mangled and I'm in ridiculous pain, but my heart, my heart couldn't be happier πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“ So I ACCEPT the fact that I have abrasions all over my face and body and that my lip is swollen because even though it's awful... The good that I got is worth so much more #mentalhealthawareness #hearme #mydogdidit #bestrong #bekindtoyourself #grief #loss #heartache #comfort #bestfriend #drinkingisdangerous #ouch #happy #loveyourself #itsalltiming #acceptance