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2 weeks ago

Released on 29 Jan 1977, “Spiral Scratch” is an EP and the first release by British punk band, Buzzcocks. The EP is one of the earliest releases by a British punk band. Spiral Scratch is the only Buzzcocks studio release to include original singer, Howard Devoto, who left the band shortly after its release to form one of the first post-punk bands, Magazine. Buzzcocks recorded the tracks on 28 Dec 1976 at Indigo Sound Studios in Manchester on 16-track Ampex tape. According to Devoto, "It took three hours (to record the tracks ) with another two for mixing." The tracks on the EP were produced by Martin Hannett (credited as "Martin Zero" ) #buzzcocks #spiralscratch #martinzero #martinhannett #punk #1977 #manchester #boredom #howarddevoto #peteshelley