Charlie Smith (@baresmithoutdoor)

2 days ago

There are few places that can forecast such raw and unmitigated brutality as an arctic skyline in winter looking north. The overpowering darkness in front of you isn't just storms & clouds, it's literal night. It's the point at which the sun doesn't rise or set any more and exists in this perpetual shade - that is, until you stand there for too long and you slowly begin to see it creeping closer towards you. Its like those nightmares when you're a kid, about something you can't see reaching out and grabbing you from under your bed - although this time - you can see it. You can't not see it. There is something utterly stunning about that, something that you can't help but look towards. #arctic #winter #ice #lands #icelands #cold #expedition #adventure #explore #north #nord #road #photography