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2 weeks ago

Did March last forever but all of summer go by in a flash, or was that just us? Some people have theorized that time speeds up with age – each new period of time becoming a smaller percentage of our lives – but neuroscience has found that it’s actually dependent on the novelty of our experiences. The more new information our minds take in, the slower time feels. March was filled with new news and newer adjustments and took forever; July became the same old, same old quick. Want to elongate September? Consider favoring your non-dominant hand for a week, learning a new game, or reading more about a new topic. Or, get a tool from Mindstead.org to Plan Your Perfect Week ($9.90 ) or Master Your Time by Creating an Ideal Schedule (free ). Also, if you sign up for our newsletter on Mindstead.org (see our footer! ), you’ll get fun facts like this on the semi-regular (we’re trying to work our way up to monthly, but for now it’s a bit more sporadic. Okay, we’ve only sent it once. )!