Nishanth singh (@_shaitan3_)

Apr 2018

In Mahabharata Sri Krishna says ‘SHIVA is the God one who grants all auspiciousness to humanity’. SHIVA is Parabrahma who is beyond contemplation; of unmanifested identity; Limitless and is embodied Nectar. Vedas declare that "Bestower of auspiciousness is SHIVA" SH + I + VA = SHIVA SH – denotes perennial pleasure of eternal bliss I – denotes Supreme God SHIVA(which is known when one attains self-realization ) VA – denotes immortal nectar power - Para Shakthi. SHIVA is that God without any blemishes or faults, who is with the perpertual identity of Prosperity. SHIVA means Peace - SHIVA means energy. SHIVA means Meditation - SHIVA means Eternal happiness. SHIVA means Rest - SHIVA means supreme abode. SHIVA means Purity - SHIVA means Totality. SHIVA means Safety - SHIVA means Ultimate. SHIVA means Prosperity - SHIVA means Origin. SHIVA means Auspiciousness - SHIVA means Liberation.! 🕉️