Stacey Baxter (@s_baxt88)

3 days ago

My heart empties and the lump in my throat expands, whilst the irrational thoughts rapidly pour through my veins. The lava bubbles as my brain begins to erupt like a volcano, burning my heart through past pain. My back stiffens as my palms sweat, like feeling both freezing and hot temperatures at the same time. Losing control over the physiological reactions of my body, the anxiety takes over with irrational and bad energies smothering each cell in my body, suffocating, black shadows darkening my high spirits and soul. I'm lost, lost in a million eratic messages. Until the spark pushes back and shines through, forced by the slow breath, calming, soothing, the shadows peel back releasing light as the cells break free and blood pumps back through my veins. The rush is over, I am no longer suffocated, I can breathe, I am here, I am present, I am safe, I am free. ........... Remember to breathe in times of anxiety, darkness and pain. The feeling is temporary as are the thoughts, as is the emotion. Accept it, breathe through it. Breath is key, breath is life. #breathwork #pranayama #yoga #anxiety #healing #mindfulness #soulfeed #loveyourself #selfcare #self -love