JARROD JACKSON MJ Impersonator (@officialjarrodjackson_1)

last month

I hope you guys enjoy this “FINAL” 2019 Michael Jackson tribute dance post for this year and also the decade as well, I can’t wait to enter this whole new tribute life by performing in front a lot of people next year and beyond in the future of my local spots in Rhode Island, so you guy better stick around because 2020 is going to be amazing journey for myself. You guys haven’t even witness something this exciting just yet, this whole new era is gonna to BLOW Everybody’s MINDS. And I would like to say thank you guys for all the tremendous support over the past few years that I have been going through especially this year in 2019. 2020’s is going to be bigger, better, louder and most exciting era that you’ll be ever witnessing of seeing me entering this whole new exquisite journey for me right after New Years Eve. And now as the main man would actually say this to himself, Let’s make 2020’s decade HIStory” 🥳💯🎆🔥 *I do not own any of the audio being used in this video. All rights belong to Sony Music Entertainment. This video is for entertainment purposes only*