JARROD JACKSON MJ Impersonator (@officialjarrodjackson_1)

last month

Hope you guys are excited for 2020, because I am sure as excited as you guys are too - because there’s only one thing you guys gonna know by today. I’m going be entering my “OFFICIAL” tribute life by performing in front of my local people’s this year and also further more consecutive years into the future as well, hope you guys really enjoyed this promo that I made, you guys haven’t seen nothing what’s about to come for this year, stay tunes for further more announcements as I finally announce my gigs and also learning some more of my MJ’s dance abilities as well. And now that’s out of the way, let’s make 2020’s tribute life HIStory!!! 😁✌🏼💯🔥 *I do not own any of the audio being used in this video. All rights belong to Sony Music Entertainment. This video is for entertainment purposes only*