JARROD JACKSON MJ Impersonator (@officialjarrodjackson_1)

Dec 2019

So here are some of the reasons why the HIStory Tour is my all time favorite - I choose the second leg 1997 for his dancing wise because it was more of a (lazy ) *aka* laid back style of tour with some of his amazing combos in the mid 97s and also some crazy sword poses in the late 97s from that particular year. Also I choose the first leg 1996 just for his looks because he looked liked he’s gotten more angrier from the first leg of how he danced of which we can tell this is how he looked right after the allegations back in 1993, and all of the makeup on his face was actually very overpowering him in that particular year, also the 96 dance style was more of a “Popping Taco” is all I can say from the first leg. The HIStory Tour was on another level of his dancing, yes some of his dance performances was a bit slowed down but it didn’t matter anyways of how he perfected for any other reasons though, so the whole thing to me was a masterclass dance style from that tour!! 😎👍🏼❤️🔥💯 Now it’s your turn to pick your favorite year from the HIStory Tour and comment your own opinions to know why you like it - good luck!! 👍🏼✌🏼💯 #michaeljackson #MJ #appleheadmj #mjforever #kingofpop #historyera #historyeramj #historytour